Fajardo Cariduros

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Fajardo Cariduros
Fajardo Cariduros logo
Leagues BSN
Metro Division
Arena Tomas Dones
Location Fajardo
Team colors Red and Blue
Head coach Carlos Calcano
Championships None

The Fajardo Cariduros is a basketball team in the BSN league of Puerto Rico. The team plays on the eastern town of Fajardo, Puerto Rico. The Cariduros play on the Metro Division. The team was transferred from Morovis to Fajardo by Marcelino Garcia.


Founded in 1973.

Home arenas[edit]

The Cariduros played at the Evaristo Aponte Sanabria coliseum from 1973 until 1992 when they moved to the Tomas Dones Coliseum. The Evaristo Aponte Sanabria coliseum was demolished in 2012.

The return[edit]

They returned to Fajardo for the 2007 BSN season. Transferred from Morovis, the team had 4 first round picks acquired via trades. On their first pick, they drafted SG Kevin Hamilton from Holy Cross, later drafting Florentino Valencia(6), Edward Allen(6) and Javier Mojica (10. During the draft they also acquired Jesse Pellot Rosa, Miguel Gonzalez and Anthony Casiano. After trading Edward Allen for San German's 4th pick, David Vega, the team went on to win the regular season and the round robin. They advanced to the semifinals where they faced the Santurce Cangrejeros, a team that eventually emerged as the BSN Champions. Both team played in a decisive game that took place on June 14, 2007.[1] The Cariduros began the third period down by fourteen points. In the fourth quarter a combination of work done by guards Javier Mojica and Miguel González and forward Luis Rivas placed both teams with identical scores of 65-65, and the Carduros earned an advantage of 70-68.[1] However in the closing minutes performances from Robert Traylor and Orlando Santiago gave Santurce a definitive 73-70 advantage.[1]

For the 2008 season, the Cariduros drafted Shelbey Chaney and Omar Quintero, traded Florentino Valencia to Bayamon for Jorge Rivera and signed Elisamuel Morales (later traded to Bayamon for Benjamin Colon).

Fajardo Cariduros roster[edit]

# Player Position Height
4 Javier Davila SG 6'2"
6 Benjamin Colon SF 6'7"
7 Carlos Collazo PF/C 6'8"
9 Christian Vazquez PG 6'0"
11 Alberto Arroyo SG 6'2"
13 Jesse Pellot Rosa SF 6'5"
14 Kevin Hamilton SG 6'4"
21 Luis Salgado SF 6'4"
23 Delvin Matos SF 6'2"
24 Miguel Gonzalez PG 5'10"
32 Omar Quintero PG 6'0"
40 Jorge Rivera PF 6'7"
44 Javier Mojica SG 6'3"
45 Uka Agbai PF/C 6'8"

Former notable players[edit]


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