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Mount Falakro, seen from the north (from Kochan, Bulgaria)
Elevation 2,232 m (7,323 ft)[1]
Falakro is located in Greece
Drama (regional unit), Greece
Coordinates 41°17′38″N 24°05′41″E / 41.2939°N 24.0947°E / 41.2939; 24.0947Coordinates: 41°17′38″N 24°05′41″E / 41.2939°N 24.0947°E / 41.2939; 24.0947
View from the road to the top of Falakro

Falakro Oros (Greek: Φαλακρό όρος, English: "Bald mountain", Turkish: "Bozdağ") is a mountain in the Drama regional unit, eastern Greek Macedonia, northern Greece. The elevation of its highest summit, Profitis Ilias, is 2232 meters above the sea level.[1] There is a ski resort on the mountain.

Road to Falakro Mountain in Drama, north Greece
Lifts in Ski resort on Mountain Falakro, located in Drama, north Greece. Apart the ski track, the lifts end at a cafe-bar which is at 2111m altitude.


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