Falkirk and District Tramways

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Falkirk and District Tramways
Locale Falkirk
Open 21 October 1905
Close 21 July 1936
Status Closed
Track gauge 4 ft (1,219 mm)
Propulsion system(s) Electric
Route length 7.8 miles (12.6 km)

The Falkirk and District Tramways operated a tramway service in Falkirk between 1905 and 1936.[1]


The company started services on 21 October 1905. The company obtained most its initial tramcars from the Compagnie Générale de Construction of St Denis, France. Three others were obtained from Brush.


The Scottish Motor Traction Company took over the company in 1935, and the tramway services were closed on 21 July 1936 in favour of its own bus services.

Tramcar 14 survived and is now restored and in the custody of Falkirk Museums.


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