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Allen Hall

The Fallowfield Campus is the main residential campus of the University of Manchester. It is located in Fallowfield, Manchester, 2 miles (3 km) south of the main university site, to which it is connected by Wilmslow Road and the A34.


The University has had an association with Fallowfield since 1910 when Ashburne Hall moved into "The Oaks" from its original home in Victoria Park, renaming it as Ashburne Hall. In 1932 the University inherited the Firs, which was used as the vice-chancellor's residence until 1991. Fallowfield was also the site of playing fields at Mab Field used by the athletics union of the University.

The Richmond Park halls of residence, constructed in 1994, are built on the site of the former Fallowfield Stadium where the 1893 FA Cup Final was played.[1][2] The Campus played host to the Athletes Village for the 2002 Commonwealth Games held in the city.[3]


The campus comprises the following facilities:

  • The Armitage Centre – a sport centre and sports grounds (named after Sir Arthur Armitage, a former Vice-Chancellor)
  • Chancellors – a year-round conference centre and hotel, owned by the university
  • Firs Botanical Experimental Grounds
  • Nine halls of residence:
    • Allen Hall – a hall on Wilmslow Road, Rusholme with 120 residents, a quarter of a mile (0.4 km) north of Ashburne Hall
    • Ashburne Hall and Sheavyn House – on Old Hall Lane / Wilmslow Road to the north of Owens Park
    • Firs Villa (The) – near Chancellors Hotel & Conference Centre
    • Ladybarn House – a new building in the centre of Fallowfield
    • Linton House
    • Oak House – the largest complex, with nearly 1100 residents
    • Owens Park – another large complex with just over 1000 residents, with the 200 ft (61 m) high landmark tower
    • Richmond Park – new complex to the east of Whitworth Lane and Owens Park, comprising Poplar Court and Willow Court.
    • Woolton Hall – at Carill Drive off Moseley Road in the south-east of the Fallowfield Campus and accommodating around 180 undergraduates and 20 postgraduates (the hall was named after Lord Woolton and opened in 1959)


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