Falls River (Connecticut River)

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For the similarly named tributary of the Connecticut River in Massachusetts, see Fall River (Connecticut River).
Coordinates: 41°22′04″N 72°23′17″W / 41.36778°N 72.38806°W / 41.36778; -72.38806
Falls River
Pauls River
Country United States
State Connecticut
Region Middlesex County
Municipality Essex
 - location Ivoryton, Connecticut
 - coordinates 41°21′18″N 72°30′49″W / 41.35500°N 72.51361°W / 41.35500; -72.51361
Mouth Connecticut River
 - coordinates 41°22′04″N 72°23′17″W / 41.36778°N 72.38806°W / 41.36778; -72.38806
Length 7.7 mi (12 km)

The Falls River is a 7.7-mile-long (12.4 km)[1] river located in Essex, Connecticut. It begins in the Pond Meadow area of Ivoryton and runs for about 5 miles (8.0 km) through Essex. Its beginnings are visible from Comstock Field at the end of Park Road in Ivoryton. Before that it runs to a small pond behind the L.C. Doane Company near Pond Meadow Road. It runs along the old Sohmer Piano Factory, under Walnut Street, and along Main Street. It continues to run along Main Street, being very visible near the Lutheran Church. It eventually winds its way to the Connecticut River, near a parcel of conserved land called Osage Trails.


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