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False Confession is a hardcore punk band that formed in the early 1980s in the Oxnard, California area. They are one of the founding members of the "Nardcore" punk movement.

Their first 7" EP Left to Burn was released by Mystic Records in 1984. The tracks included:

  1. Left To Burn
  2. Feline
  3. Scared
  4. Our Savior
  5. Just As I Am
  6. Lies

They were also featured on the Nardcore Compilation LP.

One of the members, Scotty Morris, went on to form the swing band Big Bad Voodoo Daddy many years later.

Another member, Harry, joined The Cramps as Harry Drumdini from January 1994 to August 2003.

In June 2012 the band performed a reunion show & announced their return with almost the entire original lineup of Isreal, Harry, Fred, and new bass player Ismael. Scotty Morris most likely has too much of a full schedule with Big Bad Voodoo Daddy to return to the band at this time. The band's return is permanent and they have announced that they are working on a new LP to be released hopefully in 2013.


Original lineup:

  • Isreal (sic) - Vocals
  • Harry Misenheimer - Drums
  • Fred Matatquin - Guitar
  • Scott Morris - Bass

Current lineup:

  • Israel M. - Lead Vocals
  • Harry M. - Lead Drums
  • Ismael H. - Lead Bass
  • Fred M. - Lead Guitar

False Confession discography[edit]

  • Nardcore Compilation LP, Mystic Records 1984
  • Left to Burn 7", Mystic 1984
  • Covers, Compilation LP, Mystic 1985
  • Mystic Super Seven Sampler No. 1, Compilation 7", Mystic 1985
  • Let's Die, Compilation, Mystic 1985
  • Out of the Basement Demo 1983 LP, Queer Pills 2013


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