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Falsterbo church

Falsterbo Church (Swedish: Falsterbo kyrka, also Falsterbo St. Gertrud church Swedish: Falsterbo St. Gertrud kyrka) is a medieval Lutheran church in Falsterbo, Sweden.

History and architecture[edit]

The oldest part of the church dates from the second half of the 14th century, and the construction of the relatively large church must be seen in connection with the economically very important medieval herring-trade and the Scania Market, in which Falsterbo played a central role. The earliest church was a simple, undecorated brick building. The nave is the oldest part of the church. The present choir was added during the 15th century and at about the same time the presently visible vaulting was constructed. The tower, with its crow-stepped gables typical for medieval Danish churches (Scania only became Swedish in 1658), is probably also from the 1400s. A number of frescos which have been uncovered from 1953 onwards were probably also painted over during the reconstruction of the church during this time.[1][2]

The church contains some noteworthy interior details. The main altar is from the second half of the 15th century and probably made by Hermen Rode or in his atelier. A smaller side-altar is from the same time period and likewise from northern Germany. There is also a sculpture depicting Saint Christopher made circa 1390, and attributed to Master Bertram. Two free-standing medieval Madonnas, one reputedly of French origin, can also be mentioned, as can a sculpture depicting a kneeling princess - the only remnant of a Saint George and the Dragon group, supposedly by master carver Henning Roleve, another northern German late Gothic sculptor. The sculpted baptismal font is the earliest piece in the church, dating from the 14th century.[1][2]

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