Family tree of William Jardine (1784-1843)

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This is the family tree of William Jardine (1784–1843), co-founder of the Far Eastern conglomerate, Jardine Matheson Holdings.

Andrew Jardine
David Jardine Rachel Johnstone Jean Jardine David Johnstone Unknown William Jardine
Andrew Jardine
David Jardine Nancy Jardine Robert Paterson Joseph Jardine
Robert Jardine
Margaret Hamilton Andrew Johnstone Margaret Johnstone Thomas Keswick
James Jardine-Paterson
Robert William Buchanan-Jardine
William Keswick
J.J.J. Keswick
James Johnstone Keswick
Robert Jardine-Paterson
Unknown John William Buchanan-Jardine
Henry Keswick
Unknown Margaret Alice Keswick Helen Keswick
David Jardine Patterson
(b. 1912)
Robert Jardine-Patterson
Arthur Jardine-Patterson
(b. 1918)
John Jardine Paterson
Priscilla Mignon Andrew Robert John Buchanan-Jardine
William Johnstone "Tony" Keswick
Unknown John "The Younger" Keswick
Three sons, one daughter John Christopher Rupert Buchanan-Jardine Unknown Amelia Keswick
(b. 1929)
Anthony M. Weatherall
(b. 1924)
Henry Keswick
(b. 1938)
Chippendale "Chips" Keswick
(b. 1940)
Sarah Mary Ramsay
(b. 1945)
Simon Lindley Keswick
(b. 1942)
Emma Chetwode
(b. 1950)
Jamie Rupert Buchanan-Jardine
(b. 1994)
Catherine Weatherall
Edward "Percy" Weatherall
(b. 1957)
Clara Mary Johnstone
(b. 1960)
Isobel Weatherall
(b. 1962)
Benjamin Weatherall
(b. 1966)
David Keswick Tobias Keswick
(b. 1968)
Adam Keswick
(b. 1973)
Clare Davidson
Benjamin William Keswick
(b. 1972)
Poppy Teresa Keswick
(b. 1978)
Archibald David Keswick
(b. 1980)
Willa Mary China Keswick
(b. 1985)
Bertram Weatherall
(b. 1989)
Stella Weatherall
(b. 1991)
Ruby Weatherall
(b. 1994)
Honor Weatherall
(b. 1997)
Eda Rose Keswick
(b. 2008)
Irene Keswick
(b. 2010)
Ross Keswick
(b. 2010)


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  1. ^ Margaret Hamilton was heiress of John Hamilton-Buchanan, Chief of Clan Buchanan so to avoid extinction of the surname, the name became double-barrelled.
  2. ^ J.J.J. Keswick was a partner in the firm of Jardine, Skinner and Company (later Jardine, Henderson) in Calcutta.