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FanPro is a mass community project with the purpose of collecting character designs. It has grown into a moderated pool of public domain characters created for the goal of general interest.[1]


FanPro was founded in May 30, 2013 by Austin Grissom for the purpose of helping his friend pass her class. The friend was promised an instant pass if she could start a fandom. Austin thought the easiest way to start a fandom was to spread a concept of mutual character design sharing on the popular social networking site, Tumblr. He made a text post explaining how the sharing of character designs would work, which then spread through the blogs of the website, and FanPro became an instant hit. Austin gave out the link to a folder with 15 uncopyrighted and royalty-free character designs. Tumblr, whose community was well known for its immense creativity, made fanart and created fanfiction with the designs. The first 100 designs of FanPro were released by Austin, but after the first 100 designs, design submissions were open to the regular public.


FanPro is based heavily on free interpretation. The designs that are released by Fanpro are taken by the members of the community and used without restriction on any medium. The main website stresses heavily on the only official material of the community being the designs. Any other works are community-generated.

The official website stopped making its own designs after the first 100. Since then, they've opened designs to the general public. Every Thursday, the website opens submissions for designs, where anyone is allowed to submit their own character designs for review. On Friday, the website releases 20 designs from the submissions. The website occasionally specifies themes for submission, which improve the designer's chances for being accepted.

Members of the community mostly post their works based on the designs of FanPro on Tumblr, since the website is heavily based on there. The main website occasionally posts the works made by members to their main page, where it is visible to a large number of the fandom.


The main website of FanPro is as of now run by four moderators, who each do specialized jobs. One will handle reviewing submissions, another will create the folder for the new character designs, and another will create posts and post content to their main page.


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