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Web address
Type of site Baseball statistics and analysis
Created by David Appelman
Alexa rank positive decrease 12,496 (April 2014)[1]
Current status Active is a website run by Fangraphs Inc., located in Arlington, Virginia, and created and owned by David Appelman that provides statistics for every player in Major League Baseball history.[2][3] The website, among other things, plots the course of every game, showing which hits and outs changed outcomes.[4]

All major league baseball data on the website, including pitch type, velocity, batted ball location, and play-by-play data, are provided by Baseball Info Solutions.[5] Minor league baseball data are provided by Major League Baseball Advanced Media, and distributed by STATS LLC. All Win Expectancy, Leverage Index, and Run Expectancy data are licensed from[6] All Ultimate zone rating (UZR) calculations are provided by Mitchel Lichtman. play-by-play data prior to 2002 was obtained free of charge from and is copyrighted by Retrosheet.[7]

On September 18, 2009, Fangraphs Inc. launched an iPhone app in partnership with Hawk Ridge Consulting.[8] Fangraphs has a number of content partners including ESPN, SB Nation and Fanhouse.

FanGraphs products[edit]

FanGraphs creates several products:

Web sites[edit]

  • The FanGraphs homepage,[9] which contains articles, statistical reports and also covers baseball history as well as current issues and events, including games and series, injuries, forecasts, player profiles, baseball finance, and the player marketplace.
  • RotoGraphs is Fangraphs's fantasy baseball advice and analysis section. It originally featured David Golebiewski of ESPN Inside Edge, Marc Hulet, Brian Joura of, and Peter Bendix.[10]
  • NotGraphs provides "a place to put things that would otherwise not have a place on FanGraphs".[11]
  • The Community Blog is an opportunity for readers to share their writing through FanGraphs. In May 2010 an editorial staff was put in place to guarantee an "approval process" within 48 hours of submission.[12]
  • The FanGraphs Library is an encyclopedia of Sabermetric statistics and principles run by Steve Slowinski.[13]


  • FanGraphs releases an annual book The FanGraphs Second Opinion: Fantasy Companion that contains statistics and analysis of the past season, in-depth player profiles, team previews, articles on fantasy strategy and forecasts of the upcoming season.[14]

Radio show[edit]

  • Hosted by FanGraphs editor Carson Cistulli, FanGraphs Audio is a weekly program archived at FanGraphs Audio.[15]

Fantasy Baseball[edit]

  • FanGraphs works with Ottoneu baseball to offer a fantasy baseball program[16] with prizes.[17]

Regular writers[edit]

FanGraphs and NotGraphs[edit]

  • Lucas Apostoleris - Joined FanGraphs in August 2011, leaving Beyond the Boxscore.[21] Apostoleris also writes for The Hardball Times, a personal blog entitled 'Don't Bring In The Lefty' and provides baseball commentary on Twitter as @DBITLefty.
  • Robert J. Baumann - Joined NotGraphs in October 2011.[25]
  • Summer Anne Burton - Joined NotGraphs in October 2011, also writes and draws forEvery Hall of Famer.[25]
  • Dave Cameron – Managing editor and senior writer of FanGraphs, Cameron was the co-founder of and previously worked for Baseball Prospectus.
  • Carson Cistulli – Senior writer and editor of FanGraphs. He previously worked for The Hardball Times and writes the "One Night Only" feature. He is also responsible for the Daily Notes.
  • Patrick Dubuque - Joined NotGraphs in May 2011, Dubuque also has written for Pitchers & Poets, The Playful Utopia and SB Nation's Lookout Landing.[30]
  • Ben Duronio – Also writes for the Capitol Avenue Club, a Braves blog. Worked with ESPN Stats & Info Group.
  • Marc Hulet – Provides articles and scouting reports on minor league prospects, Hulet was named by Sun Media one of the hundred most influential Canadians in Baseball.[31]
  • Noah Isaacs – Staff Writer, former intern in Baseball Operations for the Toronto Blue Jays, and creator of
  • Matt Klaassen – Staff Writer, contributor to FanGraphs Audio, Klaasen also works for Beyond the Boxscore.
  • Jack Moore – Staff Writer for Fangraphs and contributor to NotGraphs. Moore also created the Brewers blog Disciples of Uecker and contributes to Roto Hardball.
  • Joe Pawlikowski – Pawlikowski, also of River Avenue Blues, writes the daily "Morning After" feature.
  • Dayn Perry – Senior writer for NotGraphs, Perry is the author of the book Winners: How Good Baseball Teams Become Great Ones (2006) and Reggie Jackson: The Life and Thunderous Career of Baseball's Mr. October (2010).
  • David Laurila – Staff writer for FanGraphs, former writer for Baseball Prospectus where he wrote the Prospectus Q&A from February 2006 until May 2011.[32]
  • Mike Newman – Joined FanGraphs in September, 2011.[33] Newman, taking over for Frankie Piliere, analyzes prospective major league baseball players.
  • Patrick Newman – Covers Japanese baseball for FanGraphs, Newman is the sole writer in charge of following the player movement, general news, and projections for the league. Newman also writes forNPB Tracker,[34] and Rotowire. He lived in Japan from 2000–2003[35] and previously wrote for Baseball Digest.
  • Alex Remington – Weekly contributor, began writing on FanGraphs in February 2010 and also contributes to Yahoo! Sports.[36]
  • Eno Sarris – Began writing for FanGraphs in July 2010. Sarris is also a staff writer for NotGraphs and RotoGraphs. He previously wrote for Bloomberg Sports and Amazin' Avenue[37][38]
  • Eric Seidman – Began writing for FanGraphs in August 2008.[39] He is the co-creator of the Brotherly Glove[40] and previously wrote for Baseball Prospectus.
  • Steve Slowinski – Maintains the FanGraphs Library which he calls "your Hitchhiker’s Guide to navigating the universe of sabermetrics".[41] He writes weekly for FanGraphs as well as serving as the editor-in-chief of DRaysBay, writer and editor to the St. Petersburg Times[42] and running SB Nation Tampa Bay.[43]
  • Tommy Rancel – Began writing for FanGraphs in February 2011.[45] He is also the MLB Insider for ESPN Florida and former writer/analyst for Bloomberg Sports. He co-founded The Process Report in 2010, following his time as the editor-in-chief of He has also written for Beyond The Boxscore, The Hardball Times, and Bright House Sports Network.
  • Navin Vaswani – NotGraphs staff writer, Toronto correspondent. A former associate producer with TVO's The Agenda with Steve Paikin, he has previously written for The Globe and Mail and Sports and the City. While with the globe Vaswani toured the United States to see each of the 29 other stadiums in 55 days for a feature entitled Stealing Home.[46] With NotGraphs Vaswani contributes autobiographical essays,[47][48][49] article reviews,[50] interviews[51] and poetry.[52][53] His first article for NotGraphs in November 2010 was entitled "Derek Jeter: The Curse of the Captain," a playful look at the intersection of baseball and internet culture during Derek Jeter's 2010 free agency.[54] In addition to his online work he is currently working on a book based on his experience touring the United States for the Globe.[55]
  • Cody Wiewandt - Joined NotGraphs in October, 2011. Previously wrote for the Paris Review.[25]
  • Bradley Woodrum – FanGraphs and NotGraphs contributor since March 2011. Woodrum holds degrees from Jacksonville University (B.A. Economics and B.A. English) and Roosevelt University (M.A. Economics). He also co-founded Cubs Stats and writes for DRaysBay[56] and SBN Tampa Bay.
  • Jesse Wolfersberger - Began writing for FanGraphs in December, 2010.[57]
  • Jeff Zimmerman – Began writing for FanGraphs in March 2010.[58] Zimmerman writes weekly for FanGraphs where he is the expert on player health and injuries and is a staff writer for RotoGraphs.


(see RotoGraphs)


  • Patrick Andriola - Joined FanGraphs in June, 2010[59] until October, 2010[60] Before joining FanGraphs Andriola wrote for The Hardball Times (2009, 2010) and, as a student, worked for the Major League Baseball's Labor Relations Department.[61]
  • Peter Bendix – Now works for the Tampa Bay Rays as an assistant of Baseball Research and Development.[62]
  • Sky Kalkman – Left FanGraphs in 2006, then wrote for Beyond The Boxscore,[63] and now writes for Baseball Prospectus.
  • Jonah Keri – Keri joined FanGraphs in January 2011, introduced as having "written for every publication known to man"[64] -- Playboy, ESPN, and Baseball Prospectus among others, the author of The Extra 2%: How Wall Street Strategies Took a Major League Baseball Team from Worst to First (2011). Keri was a staff writer for FanGraphs and NotGraphs until August 2011 when he left to write "full-time" at[65]
  • Erik Manning – Now writes for Beyond The Boxscore.[63]
  • Frankie Piliere – Now writes for[66]
  • Bryan Smith - Wrote for FanGraphs from January, 2010[67] until November, 2010.[68]


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