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Fan Hu Ta or Pham Ho Dat was the King of Champa from 380 to 413.[1] In 380, Fan Hu Ta took the throne and the regnal name Bhadravarman I. Also in that same year, the King moved the capital to Indrapura in Quảng Nam Province. He built temples and palaces, all facing north, at Mỹ Sơn and Tra Kieu.

In 399, Fan Hu Ta went on a military campaign up north and succeeded in capturing the Vietnamese provinces of Nhật Nam and Cuu Chan. He continued on his temple-building campaign as well, building Cham towers along the coast up north. From 405 to 413, he continuously battled the Chinese governor Do Tue. However, at their last confrontation, Fan Hu Ta disappeared without a trace after being defeated by the governor.[2]

Preceded by
Fan Fat 349–380
King of Champa
Succeeded by