Fandangos in Space

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Fandangos in Space
Studio album by Carmen
Released 1973
Label Regal Zonophone, EMI
Producer Tony Visconti
Carmen chronology
Fandangos in Space
Dancing on a Cold Wind

Fandangos in Space is the 1973 debut album by flamenco-rock band Carmen.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Bulerias" (5:24) (David Allen) -
    a. Cante (Song)
    b. Baile (Dance)
    c. Reprise
  2. "Bullfight" (4:28) (Roberto Amaral)
  3. "Stepping Stone" (2:52) (Roberto Amaral)
  4. "Sailor Song" (5:13) (David Allen)
  5. "Lonely House" (4:07) (David Allen)
  6. "Por Tarantos" (1:44) (Trad. arr. by David Allen)
  7. "Looking Outside (My Window)" (5:08) (David Allen, Roberto Amaral) -
    a. Theme
    b. Zorongo
    c. Finale
  8. "Tales of Spain (8:59) (David Allen)
  9. "Retirando" (0:44) (John Glascock, Paul Fenton, Andrea Allen, Roberto Amaral, David Allen)
  10. "Fandangoes in Space" (6:37) (Roberto Amaral)
  11. "Reprise Finale" (0:57) (David Allen)


  • David Allen - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar, Flamenco Guitar
  • Roberto Amaral - Vibraphone, Flamenco Dance, Backing Vocals, Castanets, Lead Vocals
  • Angela Allen - Synthesizer, Mellotron, Lead Vocals, Flamenco Dance, Backing Vocals
  • John Glascock - Bass Guitar, Bass Pedals, Backing Vocals
  • Paul Fenton - Drums, Percussion

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