Fangoria's Weekend of Horrors

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Weekend of Horrors
The 2007 logo for Weekend of Horrors
Status Active
Genre Horror
Location(s) Rotating
Country United States
Inaugurated 1985
Organized by Creation Entertainment
Filing status For Profit

Weekend of Horrors is a tri-annual (with occasionally more) traveling convention which focuses on horror films. Formerly produced and operated by Fangoria Magazine with its name and likeness owned by Creation Entertainment, the convention is now produced solely by Creation.

The convention also deals in areas of the horror genre outside filmmaking, as well as exploitation, science fiction, and fantasy entertainment.

Fangoria magazine editor Tony Timpone was the Master of Ceremonies and Co-Producer of the shows during its time with Creation Entertainment.

Convention layout[edit]

Weekend of Horrors conventions are typically composed of three areas:

  • The Dealers' Area, which is made up primarily of vendors selling horror-themed merchandise and booths advertising films,
  • The Auditorium, where panels and speeches are given for the duration of the convention,
  • And The Screening Room, where new independent and mainstream horror films are screened via digital projection.

Some conventions also have Film Fests (occurring at neighboring theaters) and a Cocktail, or more recently, Dessert Party, where guests can casually mingle with horror personalities after-hours.

Locations and date expansion[edit]

Until 2008, Weekend of Horrors occurred annually in Rosemont, Illinois (Winter), Los Angeles, California (Spring), and New York City, New York (formerly Secaucus, New Jersey) (Summer), with an additional destination chosen based on the year. As of 2010, the convention is held once annually in Los Angeles, California.

Starting with the 2006 Weekend of Horrors in Secaucus, New Jersey, the convention has expanded from a two-day (Saturday and Sunday) event, to a three-day (including Friday). This expanded schedule, common for most current conventions, was continued for all future Weekend of Horrors.

Notable guests[edit]

Notable guests at Weekend of Horrors conventions have included:

Fans attending Chicago's Weekend of Horrors convention, 2007

Other Weekend of Horrors[edit]

Weekend of Horrors is the name of convention horror film convention which takes place in Germany.

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