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Fann Mountains (also known as the Fanns) are part of the western Pamir-Alay mountain system and are located in Tajikistan's Sughd Province between the Zarafshan Range to the north and the Gissar Range to the south (see map of Fann Mountains). In the east-west direction they extend from Fandarya River to Archimaydan River, and the cluster of Marguzor lakes west of Archimaydan is also included in the Fanns.


The Fanns boast about a hundred peaks, with several rising to altitudes of more than 5000 meters and relative elevations of up to 1500 meters. The highest point in Fann Mountains is Chimtarga peak (5489 m). Other 5000 m peaks are Bodkhona (5138 m), Chapdara (5050 m), Big Hansa (5306 m), Little Hansa (5031 m), Zamok (Castle, 5070 m), Mirali (5132 m), and Energy (5120 m).


There are many lakes in the Fanns. The best known are Alaudin lakes in the Chapdara River valley, Kulikalon Lakes on the northern slope of Chimtarga peak, Allo Lake, and the most outstanding of all, Iskanderkul Lake.


The best time for visiting is May–October for trekking and July–September for mountaineering [1], when the weather is usually at its best. Access is generally from Pendjikent, which can be reached either from Dushanbe or Samarkand.

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