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Fanny is a musical alias of Winnipeg, Manitoba breakcore producer and Scottish expatriate, Fraser Runciman (also known as Frasier Runciman[1] and Fraser "Fraz" Rosetti[2]). He was signed to Winnipeg's Sublight Records in 2004, and founded his own record label, Girlcum Records, in 2006. Since his shift from a rock guitarist to an electronic musician, Runciman has toured Europe and the United States several times with notable acts such as Venetian Snares, Sickboy Milkplus, Duran Duran Duran, Xanopticon and Abelcain.

Early years[edit]

Runciman began his musical career in the 1980s at the end of the British punk rock explosion, playing guitar for bands in Edinburgh. He used influences from The Banshees to Def Jam, and Stravinsky to P-Funk. Runciman's unconventional playing style drew attention from local notable punk rock band, The Exploited. In 1991, Runciman joined The Exploited as guitarist (under the moniker "Fraz"[3]), and went on to tour Europe and South America with the band. He was also featured as "the human bone" on the band's Buenos Aires 93 concert video tape.[4] Runciman co-wrote and recorded the The Exploited's Beat the Bastards LP;[5] however, Runciman left the band (for unknown reasons) in 1995, just prior to the LP's release in 1996, and thus he was not included in the album credits.[citation needed]

In 1995, Runciman relocated to Montreal to play in the Canadian band Bootsauce. After the band broke up in 1996, he decided to remain in Canada and moved to Winnipeg.

Shift to electronic music[edit]

After the disbandment of Bootsauce, Runciman returned to the sampler experiments that he first began in the 1980s. He traded in his guitars for synthesizers and a PC. In 1999, Runciman released a Booty house/Dub CD entitled, Come and get it up yer, which made the Top 5 charts on local Winnipeg radio.[which?]

When Runciman met Aaron Funk,[when?] he was introduced to new musical styles which led him to change his own direction toward producing breakcore. Weekend trips to East Troy, Wisconsin for barn parties further pushed him toward this new direction, as these parties are where he met Destro from Zod Records and Eiterherd from Widerstand Records; both labels made plans with Runciman to release his upcoming tracks.[citation needed]

Selected discography[edit]

  • Fear & Loathing For Dummies 1 7" (2001) (Mirex Records)
  • Fear And Loathing For Dummies 2 12" (2001) (Zod Records)
  • Fear And Loathing For Dummies CD (2002) (Mirex Records)
  • Fuck Everything That Moves 12" (2002) (Black Monolith Records)
  • Leopards of Mass Destruction 7" (2003) (Death$ucker Records)
  • Revelry & Decadence As The Right Of Slaves CD (2003) (Mirex Records)
  • Welcome To The Machines 12" (2003) (Violent Turd Records)
  • Strange Planes Spray Cancers On Winnipeg CD (2004) (Sublight Records, Inc.)
  • Shoebomb Hurricane CD (2006) (Sublight Records, Inc.)
  • NRFT1203 12" (2006) (No Room For Talent Records)
  • The Great American Fear Meter 12" (2007) (Girlcum Records)
  • The Dr Who Split W/ Davros 12" (2007) (Noisetek Records)
  • I Can't Believe You Were Ever A Musician LP (2008) (Widerstand Records)
  • Mandatory Freedom (2009) (Girlcum Records, Digital)
  • Be Your Own God (2009) (Girlcum Records, Digital)
  • Slapinthefacewithacoldfish (2009) (Girlcum Records, Digital)
  • Le Sacre Du Printemps (2009) (Girlcum Records, Digital)

Film and theater soundtracks[edit]

  • Peepshow (2006)
  • Afternoon (2006)
  • Praying Mantis Upskirt (2007)
  • Whiteside (2008)
  • Le Sacre Du Printemps (2008)
  • Metal Church (2009)

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