Fanny von Starhemberg

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Franziska von Starhemberg in 1901

Princess Franziska von Starhemberg (de: Franziska Fürstin von Starhemberg, also known as Fanny Starhemberg) born 24 October 1875 in Vienna - died 27 April 1943 in Darkov (Bad Darkau) (today part of Karviná), was an Austrian politician.

She was born as Franziska Gräfin von Larisch-Mönnich and came from one of the oldest and most prominent noble families of Austria. She married Prince (Fürst) Ernst Rüdiger von Starhemberg {1861-1927} and thus married into another very famous and prestigious aristocratic family. She became interested in politics and joined the Christian Social Party (Christlichsoziale Partei). Their son was Ernst Rüdiger Starhemberg 1899-1956.

From 1920 - 1931 she was a member of the Upper House (Bundesrat) of the Austrian Parliament. Aside from her normal functions within the party, she had several honorary positions in Upper Austria, as well as the chair of the Catholic Women's Organisation (Katholischen Frauenorganisation) and the Women's Association of the Austrian Red Cross.


Regarding personal names: Fürstin is a title, translated as Princess, not a first or middle name. The masculine form is Fürst. Regarding personal names: Gräfin is a title, translated as Countess, not a first or middle name. The masculine form is Graf.

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