Fantômas (1946 film)

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Directed by Jean Sacha
Produced by Hubert d'Achon
Written by Marcel Allain (novel)
Jean-Louis Bouquet
Françoise Giroud
Starring Marcel Herrand
Simone Signoret
Alexandre Rignault
Lucienne Le Marchand
Music by Jean Marion
Cinematography Paul Cotteret
Edited by Monique Kirsanoff
Distributed by Ciné Sélection
Release dates
Running time
95 min
Country France
Language French

Fantômas is a 1946 French crime film directed by Jean Sacha and starring Marcel Herrand, Simone Signoret and Alexandre Rignault. The film features the fictional master criminal Fantômas, created by Marcel Allain and Pierre Souvestre. It was based on a novel by Allain written after Souvestre's death. It is one of a significant number of films based on the Fantômas character.[1]



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