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Cover of Fantasy Advertiser #115, art by Dave Sim.

Fantasy Advertiser, later abbreviated to FA, was a British fanzine which discussed comic books. It was initially edited by Frank Dobson, essentially as an advertising service for comic collectors, and when Dobson emigrated to Australia in 1970 he handed it on to two contributors, Dez Skinn and Paul McCartney, to continue. Skinn and McCartney expanded the magazine to include more articles and artwork. Regular contributors included Dave Gibbons, Steve Parkhouse, Paul Neary, Jim Baikie and Kevin O'Neill. Skinn left in 1976.[1]

Martin Lock became editor at some point afterwards, before handing it over to Martin Skidmore[2] in 1984.[3] Skidmore shortened the name to FA (he didn't want it to "sound like a sexual contacts mag", and wanted to move away from the equation of comics with fantasy, expanding coverage of different genres)[4] and made the magazine more provocative and political.[2] In 1988 it was taken over by Trident Comics, but was cancelled when Trident went bankrupt in 1991.

In October 2010 Skidmore relaunched FA as an online zine, including reviews, articles, interviews and original comics.


  • 1986: Nominated for "Favourite Specialist Comics Publication" Eagle Award


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