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The Faraglioni seen from the southern coast of Capri

Faraglioni is the Italian term used to refer to stacks. The most famous faraglioni are the three stacks located off the island of Capri in the Bay of Naples. The stacks have been given their own names: Stella (still attached to the main island), Mezzo (after Stella), and Scopolo (or Fuori). Its height is 109 m, 82 m and 106 m, respectively. The lacerta viridens faraglionesis or the blue-tinted lizard can only be found on Scopolo. Other famous faraglioni are the two stacks located in the Zagare Bay, near Mattinata, in the Gargano National Park.

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Coordinates: 40°32′31″N 14°15′11″E / 40.54194°N 14.25306°E / 40.54194; 14.25306