Farah Khan Ali

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Not to be confused with Farah Khan (Fashion).
Farah Khan Ali
Farah Khan Ali.jpg
Born Mumbai
Residence Mumbai, India
Nationality India
Occupation Jewellery designer, Gemologist
Spouse(s) DJ Aqeel
Children Azaan, Fizaa

Farah Khan Ali is a gemologist and jewellery designer[1] in India.


She launched her own jewellery brand "Farah Khan" in 2004.

Personal life[edit]

Farah Khan married DJ Aqeel. They have two children, a boy Azaan and a girl Fizaa.

In May 2015, Farah Khan Ali courted controversy when she blamed people sleeping[2] on the streets in response to the guilty verdict in the Salman Khan hit and run case. Khan Ali tweeted, “The govt should be responsible for housing ppl. If no1 was sleeping on d road in any other country Salman wuld not have driven over anybody”; and “It’s like penalising a train driver because someone decided to cross the tracks and got killed in the bargain. #salmankhancase”." She later apologized for her behavior.