Farali potatoes

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Farali potatoes
Alternative names Suki Bhaji
Place of origin North-western and Western parts of India
Region or state Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan
Main ingredients potatoes, cumin seeds, groundnut powder, curry leaves, sesame seeds
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Farali dry potatoes or farali potatoes (Hindi: फराली आलू की सब्जी; Gujarati: ફરાળી બટાટા ની સબ્જી; Marathi: फराळी आलू कि सब्जी) is a dish in Indian cuisine. It is a dish which can be eaten during fasting ("farali" refers to fasting). It is based on potatoes (called aloo in Hindi and Urdu) and contains cumin seeds, groundnut powder, and also includes oil and sugar. Salt is typically not used,[citation needed] and cumin may be used in preparing the dish.


Sabudana vadas is a type of deep fried farali potato dish that is prepared with green chili peppers, potatoes and sabudanas.[1]

Buff wada is a variant of the farali potato dish consisting of potato balls, stuffed with masala (mixed spices),[1] are deep-fried.

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