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A farm is a section of land dedicated to agriculture (production of food and other crops). The verb to farm is the generally used to mean the act of cultivating land or breeding animals for agricultural purposes, and has other uses which apply the notion of cultivation to non-agricultural areas, as described below.

Farm may also refer to:

  • Wind farm, for the production of electricity by means of turbines
  • Prison farm, a facility where prisoners perform hard labor
  • Ant farm, a toy to see living ants in
  • Server farm, a clustered group of computer servers
    • Compile farm, a group of computers used for compiling computer programs
    • Link farm, a website designed to spoof search engine indexers
    • Render farm, a clustered group of computers used for 3D rendering
    • Wiki farm, a server farm hosting a wiki
  • Farming, a strategy for acquiring resources in a video game; see: Gold farming

Other uses include:

  • Farm Sanctuary, an organization which cares for rescued farm animals
  • Farm team, a team providing experience and training for young players
  • Farm (revenue leasing), "Farming out" a tax or rent or other revenue, for a governing power to lease to someone the right to collect that revenue
  • Farm (album), an album by the alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr.

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