Farmer Ferdinand Hudson

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"Farmer Ferdinand Hudson"
Song by Robin Gibb from the album Robin's Reign
Released February 1970 (United Kingdom)
March 1970 (United States)
Recorded September 1969
Genre Experimental rock, avant-garde
Language English
Length 3:05
Label Polydor (United Kingdom)
Atco Records (United States)
Writer Robin Gibb
Producer Robin Gibb, Vic Lewis
Robin's Reign track listing
"Farmer Ferdinand Hudson"
"Lord Bless All"

"Farmer Ferdinand Hudson" is a song written and performed by Bee Gees vocalist Robin Gibb, released in 1970 on his first solo album Robin's Reign.[1][2]

Composition and recording[edit]

The song's original name was "Hudson's Fallen Wind" but it was too long ended to 12:19, and then they edited it to 3:05 and they changed the title called "Farmer Ferdinand Hudson". "Hudson's Fallen Wind" at full length was Robin's masterpiece, it starts with a spoken introduction over orchestra, and then goes into a three-minute song with Robin on guitars and drum machine, telling about a prosperous farming community, then the music changes to Robin on electric 12-string, sounds like a synthesizer, as he tells of a gigantic wind storm that came by night and destroyed all, the destruction is told from the farmer's limited view: from the shaking house he looks out into the dark, and see trees bending and can hear animals screaming, He feels his children's fear and clings to the walls, Robin and orchestra stops alone performs the storm.[3]


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