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Not to be confused with Wiltshire Farm Foods.
Farmfoods Limited
Type Private
Industry Retail
Founded Aberdeen, Scotland, 1955
Number of locations 320 stores
Products Frozen food

Farmfoods is a Scottish frozen food supermarket chain based in Cumbernauld. The company has expanded throughout the United Kingdom and has over 300 stores. [1]


Farmfoods store in York
Farmfoods store in Hull

Farmfoods is a privately owned business in the United Kingdom, originated as an Aberdeen-based meat manufacturing business.

Farmfoods then began to freeze products to enable a wider geographical distribution to catering outlets.

During the early 1970s an experimental freezer centre was set up in Aberdeen, which proved to be successful and in 1975, the entire business had changed its focus from manufacture distributor/wholesale on frozen food retail, with a further 10 freezer centres were opened across Scotland and Farmfoods in its current format was formed.

By 1988, it had expanded to 31 stores in Scotland.

Acquisitions and growth[edit]

Farmfoods gained entry into England in about 1990 through the acquisition of 18 stores from Wallis Frozen Foods. In the early 1990s, Farmfoods expanded further with the acquisition of the Capital Freezer Centres chain as well as a few smaller freezer centre chains across the country. In 2011, Farmfoods now has over 300 specialist freezer centres across the UK. Farmfoods stores were typically located in city and town centres, but recently however, the chain has started to focus on out-of-town facilities.

Grocery items[edit]

Although the company continues to focus on providing frozen food, in recent years it has developed a range of grocery items, including cleaning products, dried goods, canned goods, confectionery, chilled items, fresh fruit and veg and drinks. There is a mix of branded and in-house brand or own-brand goods.

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