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Farnham Town Hall.
Farnham Town Hall.
Coat of arms of Farnham
Coat of arms
Location within Brome-Missisquoi RCM.
Location within Brome-Missisquoi RCM.
Farnham is located in Southern Quebec
Location in southern Quebec.
Coordinates: 45°17′N 72°59′W / 45.283°N 72.983°W / 45.283; -72.983Coordinates: 45°17′N 72°59′W / 45.283°N 72.983°W / 45.283; -72.983[1]
Country  Canada
Province  Quebec
Region Montérégie
RCM Brome-Missisquoi
Settled 1800
Constituted March 8, 2000
 • Mayor Josef Hüsler
 • Federal riding Brome—Missisquoi
 • Prov. riding Brome-Missisquoi
 • Total 94.10 km2 (36.33 sq mi)
 • Land 92.04 km2 (35.54 sq mi)
Population (2011)[4]
 • Total 8,330
 • Density 90.5/km2 (234/sq mi)
 • Pop 2006-2011 Increase 6.7%
 • Dwellings 3,852
Time zone EST (UTC−5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC−4)
Postal code(s) J2N
Area code(s) 450 and 579
Highways Route 104
Route 233
Route 235
Geocode 46112
People Farnhamien
Website www.ville.farnham.qc.ca

Farnham is a city in Brome-Missisquoi Regional County Municipality in the Montérégie region of Quebec, Canada. The population as of the Canada 2011 Census was 8,330, making it the second most populated community in the RCM.


Farnham town hall

The city of Farnham takes its name from the historic Township of Farnham. The latter is one of the few townships established before 1800, and was named in remembrance of Farnham, UK. The first "Farnhamiens", mostly Loyalists from the United States, arrived in 1800.

On December 28, 1876, Farnham got the status of "town". On March 8, 2000, the town of Farnham and the municipality of Rainville merged to form the new "City of Farnham". The total population is now numbered at 8,000 inhabitants.

Farnham is also the site of an important military training camp, used primarily by the Canadian Forces Leadership and Recruit School and local militia.


Built on the shores of the Yamaska River, at the border of the Saint-Lawrence lowlands, the city of Farnham is located in the center of important cities such as Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu (West) and Granby (North-East).



Historical Census Data - Farnham, Quebec[7]
Year Pop. ±%
1991 6,146 —    
1996 6,044 −1.7%
Year Pop. ±%
2000A 7,899 +30.7%
2001 7,747 −1.9%
Year Pop. ±%
2006 7,809 +0.8%
2011 8,330 +6.7%
(A) amalgamation of the Town of Farnham and the Municipality of Rainville on March 8, 2000.


Canada Census Mother Tongue - Farnham, Quebec[7]
Census Total
French & English
Year Responses Count Trend Pop % Count Trend Pop % Count Trend Pop % Count Trend Pop %
7,675 Increase 7.3% 93.94% 320 Increase 14.3% 3.92% 85 Decrease 5.6% 1.04% 90 Decrease 28.0% 1.10%
7,150 Decrease 0.8% 93.53% 280 Increase 27.3% 3.66% 90 Decrease 21.7% 1.18% 125 Increase 177.8% 1.63%
7,205 Increase 31.6% 94.99% 220 Decrease 13.7% 2.90% 115 Increase 27.8% 1.52% 45 Decrease 25.0% 0.59%
5,475 n/a 93.11% 255 n/a 4.34% 90 n/a 1.53% 60 n/a 1.02%


  • Petite Église - once an old church, the newly renovated building is now a fully functional recording studio, owned and operated by Montreal-based indie rock band Arcade Fire.[8] The band announced on January 18, 2013, that they are selling the church they had been using as a studio.[9] Other notable bands to have recorded at Petite Église include Wolf Parade and Hot Springs. The church is now owned by Emery Street Records, and continues to be used as a recording studio.[10]


Located in Farnham is Canada's leading skydiving school, Nouvel Air. Farnham has an arena named in honor of Madeleine Auclair. Since the 1990s Farnham has had a skate board park, which hosts an annual festival every August named "Skatefest de Farnham". Southeast of Farnham is the golf course "Club de Golf de Farnham".

Farnham is on the route of both the Montérégiade Farnham/Granby and Route verte bicycle paths.


Farnham is home to Farnham railway station, a disused station belonging to the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Notable people[edit]

  • In 2006, the members of the group Arcade Fire purchased the Petite Église, an old church that was renovated into a permanent recording studio for the band. After recording the albums Neon Bible and The Suburbs at the location, the band put the studio up for sale in 2013 citing "roof problems" as the cause for the sale.
  • H. H. Bennett, photographer, was born in Farnham.
  • Guy Boivin, author among others with Hans-Jürgen Greif of novels La bonbonnière (2007) and Le temps figé (2012), is the leader of the party Équipe autonomiste and was born on Petit-Rang in Farnham.
  • Sylvain Charlebois, expert in food-processing politics, was born in Farnham.
  • Simon Durivage, a known journalist in Province of Québec, was born in Farnham.
  • Ludger Lemieux, architect, was born in Farnham.
  • Yvan Ponton, a known comedian in Province of Québec, was born in Farnham.
  • Yves Rodier, comic strip creator, known for his many pastiches of The Adventures of Tintin, was born in Farnham.

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