Fascination (1979 film)

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Fascination 1979 poster blahaie.jpg
Original poster
Directed by Jean Rollin
Produced by Christine Renaud
Written by Jean Rollin
Starring Franca Maï
Brigitte Lahaie
Jean-Marie Lemaire
Fanny Magier
Muriel Montosse
Sophie Noel
Evelyne Thomas
Agnes Bert
Alain Plumey
Myriam Watteau
Joe De Lara
Jacques Sansoul
Music by Philippe D'Arm
Edited by Dominique Saint-Cyr
Distributed by Compex
Les Films ABC
Release date(s) 1979
Running time 80 mins
Country France
Language French

Fascination is a 1979 film directed by Jean Rollin, who is famous for his vampire films and films of a dream-like quality.


In April 1905 a group of fashionable Parisian women arrive at an abattoir to drink the blood of an ox as a way to cure anemia.

Nearby a man named Mark, a thief, escapes from four other thieves. He is planning on heading to London with a bag of gold coins, but for the time being must take refuge in a mansion, looked after by two bisexual chambermaids, Elizabeth and Eva, who are awaiting the arrival of the Marchioness and her servants. The women are not at all scared believing Mark is taking them hostage, in fact, they find him attractive. Elizabeth gets jealous when Eva sleeps with Mark. The thieves wait outside to kill Mark, so Eva goes out to hand over the gold, but while two of them count, the woman takes Eva's dress and the man sleeps with her in the stables, so Eva kills them all. The Marchioness later arrives with her servants and they hold a party in which Mark is the only male, so he gets all the attention. When midnight comes, it is revealed that the women habitually lure people into the castle and drink their blood. Elizabeth helps Mark escape, so they hide out in the stables and the servants eat Eva alive. Mark confesses that he loves Elizabeth, whereas she admits that she never loved him and kills him. Elizabeth and the Marchioness go into the sunrise together.


Franca Maï as Elizabeth
Brigitte Lahaie as Eva
Jean-Pierre Lemaire as Mark
Fanny Magier as Hélène
Muriel Montosse as Anita
Sophie Noel as Sylvie
Evelyne Thomas as Dominique
Agnes Bert
Cyril Val as Un Apache (credited as Alain Plumey)
Myriam Watteau as La Femme Apache
Joe De Palmer as Un Apache (credited as Joe De Lara)
Jacquel Sansoul



The VHS was released in the UK by Salvation sometime in 2000.


The new US Redemption released 28 October 2008 is in its original aspect ratio and the special features include: trailer, stills gallery and other redemption trailers.

Released in the UK on 19 July 2004 in the original aspect ratio, it does not contain the opening credits and the special features include: theatrical trailer, stills gallery, publicity, video art, filmography and other Redemption trailers.


"Fascination" was released in 2012 by Kino Lorber in a five Blu-ray collection, along with La Rose de Fer, La Vampire Nue, Le Frisson des Vampires, and Lèvres de Sang. Five other Blu-rays were released later that year.

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