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Fast Car
Editor Jules 'Slim Jules' Truss
Categories Automobile magazine
Frequency Monthly (13 per year)
Circulation 19,004
Publisher Charley Davies
Company Future plc
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Fast Car magazine is a UK-based car magazine covering the modified car market and car culture. It was the first UK magazine focusing on this genre. It is owned by Future plc, based in Bath, Somerset. The magazine is published 13 times a year. Nearly every month Fast Car includes stickers, posters, CD/DVD's and other car related gadgets.

Fast Car started as a performance car magazine, but now specialises in readers interested in Japanese, European cars and the car culture genre. Fast Car travel the World to give readers a better look into some of the biggest modified car shows like SEMA in America, Wörthersee in Austria and TRAX here in the UK. Fast Car members modify their own personal cars each month and take readers through what they have done.

The Audited Bureau of Circulations (ABC) reports that Fast Car's sales peaked at 127,620 copies in 2003.[1] Historically, Fast Car traditionally sold fewer copies of their magazine than Max Power (which closed in January 2011 due to poor sales). However, Fast Car has been the market leader in this segment since 2007.

Its most recent ABC audited circulation figure (in 2010) was 19,004, but the magazine is no longer listed.[2]

In 2012, Fast Car teamed up with for a monthly look into motorsports, drift events, car show/festivals with Speed Hunter's Rod Chong and other Speed Hunters who travels around the world to spread their name and take pictures of the best cars. This was later taken over by Speed Hunter's Journalist Suzie Wallace.

Their Facebook page is very popular with car lovers with over 1 million liker as of April 2014.


The magazine was launched in Orpington, Kent, UK in April 1987 by Security Publications Ltd as an evolution from a short-lived publication called Power and Style.


A parody, "Jalopy and Slow Car", emerged.[3]


Editor - Jules 'Slim Jules' Truss

Deputy Editor - Jamie 'Midge' Burr

Digital Editor - Glenn 'Glenda' Rowswell

Art Editor - Graham 'Initial G' Morecroft

Contributor - Steve 'Stavros' Neophytou (Former Redline)

Contributor - Davy Lewis (Former Redline)

Speedhunter - Rod Chong

Freelance - Oli Remedi

Freelance - Little Nick

Photographer - Steve McCann

Mechanic - Matthew 'Modest Matt' Duckett

Past members[edit]

'Editor - Steve 'Scary' Chalmers' (Former Redline) (Left in October 2012)

Staff Writer - Lee Sibley (Left in September 2012)


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