Kill Speed

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Kill Speed
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Directed by Kim Bass
Produced by
  • Kim Bass
  • Kevin Alexander Heard
  • Deanna Shapiro
Written by Kim Bass
Music by Sean Murray
Cinematography Daniel Bramm
Mark Eberle
Edited by Michael Purl
Distributed by All Interactive Distribution
Epic Pictures Group
Release date(s)
  • July 2, 2010 (2010-07-02) (Japan)
Running time 113 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Kill Speed is a 2010 action film directed by Kim Bass, starring Andrew Keegan, Brandon Quinn, Nick Carter, Natalia Cigliuti and Greg Grunberg.


The film is set in the scorched desert of Southern California and Keegan, Quinn, Natalia Cigliuti, Nick Carter, Reno Wilson, Christian Monzon and Greg Grunberg play characters involved in a high-octane “TOP GUN” meets “FAST & FURIOUS” type tale about best friends who fly super fast, high-tech, experimental airplanes to deliver Mexican manufactured crystal meth throughout California in order to fund their Hollywood, rock-star lifestyle. But when a beautiful young woman, who is not what she pretends to be, infiltrates their group it sends their world and illicit operation into a tailspin.

The film, which incorporates incredible, never-been-done-before, air-to-air filming of actual airplanes (including 300 mph propeller driven, experimental race planes and military fighter jets) with all the actors actually in the airplanes and, in some cases, at the controls while delivering dialogue.


Andrew Keegan - Strayger
Brandon Quinn - Rainman
Natalia Cigliuti - Rosanna
Nick Carter - Forman
Reno Wilson - Kyle Jackson
Greg Grunberg - Jonas Moore
Christian Monzon - Escondido
Graham Norris - Einstein
Tom Arnold - Rhaynes
Bill Goldberg - Big Bad John
Robert Patrick - President
Joshua Alba - Vasquez Big Rick Hoffman - Biker Henchman #1 Chris Maida - Biker Henchman #2 Chris Callen - Biker Henchman #3

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