Faster Louder Better!

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Faster Louder Better!
EP by The Skitzos
Released August, 2007
Recorded Echo Base Calgary
Genre Punk
Length 8:41
Label Longshot Music
Producer Casey Lewis
The Skitzos chronology
Modern Youth
Faster Louder Better
"Ear Candy Sesions"

Faster Louder Better! is the first official release from Calgary's The Skitzos on Longshot Music. Released October 2, 2007 on red, white or black 7" vinyl, it can now be found in dollar bins across North America.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Sinking Fast"   2:54
2. "Set It Off"   2:19
3. "S.K.I.T.Z.O.S"   1:09
4. "Watch Out"   2:19