Fatal Vision (miniseries)

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Fatal Vision
Fatal Vision movie.PNG
Genre Miniseries
Directed by David Greene
Produced by Richard O'Connor
Written by John Gay
Cinematography Stevan Larner
Editing by Parkie Singh
William B. Stich
Production company National Broadcasting Corporation
Country United States
Language English
Original channel NBC
Original airing November 18, 1984
Running time 200 minutes
No. of episodes 2
Followed by Blind Faith (1990)

Fatal Vision is a 1984 television miniseries, based on the account, in the book of the same name, of the murders of the wife and daughters of Jeffrey MacDonald.

Cast list[edit]


Karl Malden was awarded an Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Limited Series for his performance as MacDonald's father in-law, Freddy Kassab.

Fatal Vision was also nominated for Outstanding Drama/Comedy Special and for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup, David Greene for Outstanding Directing in a Limited Series or a Special, and John Gay for Outstanding Writing in a Limited Series or a Special.

Fatal Vision was the first film debt of Judith Barsi as Kimberly, and this was her only miniseries.

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