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This article is about the municipality in Uttar Pradesh, India. For its namesake district, see Fatehpur district. For disambiguation, see Fatehpur (disambiguation).
Fatehpur is located in Uttar Pradesh
Location in Uttar Pradesh, India
Coordinates: 25°56′N 80°48′E / 25.93°N 80.8°E / 25.93; 80.8Coordinates: 25°56′N 80°48′E / 25.93°N 80.8°E / 25.93; 80.8
Country  India
State Uttar Pradesh
District Fatehpur
Elevation 110 m (360 ft)
Population (2001)
 • Total 151,757
 • Official Hindi
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)

Fatehpur is a city and a municipal board in Fatehpur district in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India. The city between two holy rivers Ganga and Yamuna, was founded by Rishi Purwar and later on he became the King of city .


Fatehpur is located at 25°56′N 80°48′E / 25.93°N 80.8°E / 25.93; 80.8. It has an average elevation of 110 metres (360 feet).[1] This district is situated between two important cities Allahabad and Kanpur of Uttar Pradesh. It is well connected with those cities by train route as well as bus route. The distance from Allahabad is 117 km and 76 km from Kanpur. It lies in fertile land also known as 'Doaba' between Ganges and Yamuna. National High-way 2(NH2) goes through the city.it is the junction for going to BANDA, Allahabad, Kanpur and Raebareli. [2]


The known history of Fatehpur is as old as the Vedic era. Cunnigham has written about "Bhitaura" & "Asani" places of this district, while discussing about the residuals of the Vedic era . There are proofs that Chinese traveller Huen Tsang visited the Asani place of this district.

In village Renh, which is 25 km in south-west of Fatehpur town, some articles of archeological interest have been found which are of time 800 B. C. Many articles like coins, bricks, idols etc. of Maurya period, Kusan period & Gupta period have been found throughout the district. Many temples of Gupta period still exist in village Tenduli, Korari, Sarhan Bujurg etc., which are very important from the archeological point of view. Golden coins of period of Chandragupta II have been recovered from village Bijauli. The bricks used in fort of Asani are also of Gupta Period. The Khajuha town, situated on Mughal road is very old town. Its description has been found in old Hindu scripture "Brahma Purana", which is 5000 years old. In 1561 AD, Moghal emperor Humayun passed through this town while invading Jaunpur state. On January 5, 1659, Moghal emperor Aurangzeb had a fierce battle with his brother prince Shahshuja, and killed him near this place. To celebrate the victory, he constructed a large beautiful garden "Badshahi Bagh" and a big lodge having 130 rooms.

During Moghul regime, the control of Fatehpur shifted time to time to the hands of Jaunpur, Delhi and Kannauj. In 1801, this region came under control of East India Company, and in 1814 this was given the status of a sub-division (Paragana), while the headquarters was at Bhitaura, which is now a block office. In 1826, the Fatehpur was redesignated as a district headquarters.


As per provisional data of 2011 census, Fatehpur had a population of 193,801, out of which males were 101,620 and females were 92,181. The literacy rate was 77.69 per cent.[3]


BELAIN: "A SMALL VILLAGE OF BIG AND POPULAR FOLKS".one of the oldest village of fatehpur.it situated near river YAMUNA.Here a very old school inter college belain established in 1953 by late CHANDRABHAN SINGH.JAMINDAARI system was also there before abolishment by government of india in 1963.shivbalak singh,guru ji were the giant zamindaars of this village.

Hardaspur-Gangrawal A village of Fatehpur and Away from 13 km from Bindiki tahsil and 9 km from Chaudagara, GT road and 55 km from kanpur. Hardaspur located at NH-46 near bakewar. and also called this vallage By name Gangrawal village. In this village formers are very hard worker. 100% educated in this village. Neel kandeshwar is famous temple in this village.

Mohaliya a village of under district khaga

Khaga:A town of Fatehpur District and about 35 km from main city. Birthplace of Thakur Dariyo Singh.

Bhamharouli:One of the largest village in Fatehpur. It is 60 km from main city and 08 km near to the Birthplace of Tulsidas, who wrote "RAMCHARITMANAS". During the British rule this village was under Jamindaari System, in which it was divided into 05 parts. The Jamindaar "KAKA-BABA", headed by Keval Prasad Singh "KAKA-BABA" was the main shareholder in it. Jamindaar "KAKA-BABA" was initially from Jamnagar, Gujarat, who came and settled to this village.

Jamrawan:One of the largest village in Fatehpur.It is 30 km from main city and 15 km near to the historic place Bhitaura.

Dilawal pur A village of Fatehpur and Away from 13 km from Bindiki tahsil. Dilawalpur located at bank of Ram ganga nahar. and also called this vallage By name mangoes village. In this village formers are very hard worker. 100% educated in this village. 700-800 voting. -Added by jagdish singh S\0 S.D singh.

Amilihapal: A Village of Fatehpur District and about 30 km from main city and situated at bank of Ganga river. In this village, present one monument near Primary School, where written "this village peoples was gone in world war I and II". Also presentt stone of chandragupta era at near Juniar High School and temple of five lord near Chhedilal Gupta Higher Secondary School.

Kishanpur:A town of Fatehpur District and about 52 km from main city. Famous for Ramleela and Falgungiri Baba.

Gazipur : A town of Fatehpur District and about 14 km from main city. It has an old fort which houses police chauki.

Thariyaon : A town of Fatehpur District from there in east Allahabad is located in 100 km and in west Kanpur is located in 100 km. Bypass is also there. NH2 is passing between Thariyaon. LODHI caste is in majority in Thariyaon.

Bawani Imali : This monument is the symbol of sacrifices offered by freedom fighters. On 28 April 1858, fifty two freedom fighters were hanged on an "Imali" tree by the British army . The "Imali" tree still exists, people believe that the growth of tree has stopped after the massacre. This place is very near to town Khajuha in Bindki Subdivision of the district.

Bhitaura : This is block headquarter situated at the bank of holy river Ganges. This is the place where renowned saint Bhrigu worshipped for a long time. Here, flow of river Ganges is towards north direction, which is very important from the religious point of view.

Hathgam : This is also block headquarter and birthplace of great freedom fighter Late Shri Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi & renowned Urdu poet Shri Iqbal Verma. It is said, this was populated by Saint Parashar.

Renh : A very old village situated on the bank of river Yamuna. Two decades before a very old idol of Lord Vishnu, made up of precious alloy, was found in this village . Now that idol is in a temple in village Kirtikheda on Bindki Lalauli road.

Shivrajpur : This village is situated at the bank of river Ganges near Bindki, which is a sub-division . In this village, there is a very old temple of Lord Krishna, which is known as "Mirabai Ka Mandir" (temple of Mirabai). It is said that idol of Lord Krishna was founded by Mirabai, a renowned devotee of Lord Krishna and a member of royal family of Mewar state.

Tenduli : A village situated on Chaudagara-Bindki road. It is believed that victims of snake/dog biting, persons suffering from parapsychological problems get relief from the temple of Baba Jhamdas in this village.Malwan : A Town area situated on G.T. Road highway near fatehpur city. Malwan's Mohan Peda is famous.

Mohalla Chandiana-- Very famous area in the heart of the city. This area is in mid of shopping center chowk. City shop is the best place to shop for all household and gift items.

Manzhilgaon--A oldest Shiv temple in this village.

Ummedpur(BARGADHA PURWA):A Village of Teni, which comes under Fatehpur. It is near Khaga, a rural place with many students. The Pin Code of this village is 212655, In this village lot of samrsibal pump are here because all the villagers do Agriculture work.

Degree Colleges[edit]

  • Thakur Dariyao Singh Degree College, Khaga, Fatehpur
  • Mahatma Gandhi Degree College, Fatehpur
  • Sadanand Degree College, Chheolaha, Fatehpur
  • Mahila Degree college, civil lines, Fatehpur
  • Government Polytechnic, Fatehpur.
  • Thakur Jugraj Singh Degree Collage, Fatehpur

Schools (Upto Intermediate)[edit]

  • ch.r.s.s.b.s.inter college belain,fatehpur
  • Dr Satya Narain Bhartividhyalay arabpur, Banda-sagar rd Fatehpur
  • Playway English School, Fatehpur
  • Inter Mediate Collage Pouli, Khaga, Fatehpur
  • Janak Dulari Inter College Husaiganj Fatehpur
  • Shukdeo Inter College, Khaga, Fatehpur
  • Janta Inter College, Chheolaha, Fatehpur
  • Janki Inter College, Bakewar, Fatehpur(Added By jagdish singh s/0 Shiv dayal singh)
  • Budvan Inter College, Budvan, Khaga, Fatehpur praveen
  • Saraswti Vidhya Mandir, Khaga, Fatehpur
  • Abdul Aziz Memorial School, Mahajari.
  • Anglo Sanskrit Inter College, G.T. Road, Fatehpur
  • Ashok Inter college, Shankha, Fatehpur
  • Children public sr.sec.school chitransh nagar near over bridge
  • City School of Fatehpur, Eid Gah Road.
  • Govt. Inter College, Abu Nagar, Fatehpur
  • Islamiya Madarsa, Syed Wara.
  • Jawahar navodaya vidyalaya sarkandi, bindki, fatehpur(p.K)
  • Kid's Corner, Deviganj, Fatehpur
  • Maharshi Dayanand Sarasvati Kids Care School
  • Maharishi Vidya Mandir, near Mughal Road, Fatehpur
  • Mother Suhag Inter College, Krishna Bihari Nagar, Fatehpur
  • Muslim Inter College, Syed Wara
  • Nav Bharti Shiksha Niketan, Peeranpur
  • R.V.S. International school, Ranvijay Nagar, Fatehpur
  • Sarvodaya inter college Gopalganj, fatehpur(U.P.)
  • Sarvodaya inter college kishanpur, khaga, fatehpur(P.K.)
  • Saraswati gyan mandir pakka talab fatehpur
  • Saraswati Shishu Mandir, chowk, Fatehpur(vijay khn)
  • Sarasvati Vidya Mandir Inter College, VIP Road, Fatehpur
  • Sivaji public school ram ganj pakka talab fatehpur
  • St. Xavier's High School, Dak Bangala Road
  • The Holy Child Public School, Near Bara Dari Masjid, Mahajari
  • Chacha Nehru bal vidyala Yousuf Zai
  • PCP Inter College Husenganj Fatehpur
  • Sadashiv Inter College Railbazar Fatehpur
  • Nalanda Inter College, Badauri, Kalyanpur Fatehpur
  • Ambition Public School, Shantinagar Fatehpur
  • Greenfield Public School Imamganj Fatehpur
  • Fatehpur Public School, baqarganj Fatehpur
  • Noorul Huda English Medium School, Fatehpur
  • Brilliant Oriental School, baqarganj, Fatehpur


  • Hanuman Mandir, Naubasta Road, Gadhi, Khaga, fatehpur
  • Hanuman Mandir, Ladigawan
  • Bada Shivala Mandir, Maharathi, Fatehpur
  • Mahadev Mandir, Makhdumpur, Ghazipur, Fatehpur
  • Sai Baba, Mandir, Varma Choura, Fatehpur.
  • Kali Mata Mandir, Makhdumpur, Ghazipur, Fatehpur
  • Tambeshwar Mandir (near dak banglow)
  • Kalikan Mandir (shaktipeeth)(behind A.S. Inter College)
  • Hanuman Mandir (Murain tola), (first holy tree KALPVRIKSHA planted by environmentalist Vijaypal Baghel)
  • Sheetla Mandir (shaktipeeth)(behind govt. hospital)
  • Shri Hanuman Mandir (near chowk)
  • Durga Mandir (near railway line)
  • Jagat Janini Maa Durga Mandir, Hariharganj, Fatehpur
  • Maa Sheetla dham - Tharioan
  • Hanuman Mandir Pakka Talab Fatehpur
  • Ram Janki Mandir Bhitaura Road Fatehpur
  • Maha Kaleshwar Mandir Bhitaura Om Ghat Fatehpur
  • Haridas Baba Mandir Bhitaura Road Palnaha Fatehpur
  • Jain mandir, Near railway station
  • Ummedpur, a village of Teni, which comes under Fatehpur. It is near Khaga, actually this is a rural place but many of students are here which are interested to learn something.the PIN CODE of this village is 212655. In this village lot of samrsibal pump because all the villagers do Agriculture work. It has good environment.


  • Masjid-E-Khizra
  • Masjid-E-Ayesha
  • Masjid e Dalalan (Markaz)
  • JAMA Masjid Ahmad Ganj
  • Masjid-E- Noori(Yousuf Zai)
  • masjid-E- mochiyane pani fathpur
  • masjid-E- ansari
  • JAMA Masjid Abunagar G.T. Road Fatehpur
  • Masjid e DAWAT-E-ISLAMI near Lala Bazar (Markaz—fatehpur)
  • Shahi Masjid, Uttari Kheldar, Fatehpur
  • Kallan Wali Masjid, Baqurganj G.T Road fatehpur
  • Unchi Wali Masjid Lala Bazar Fatehpur
  • Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaj Masjid, Imamganj, GT Road, Near Abunagar Police Chowki
  • Sayed baba ki Mazar(Baharauli)


  • Mudiyababa Mandir, Aurai, Fatehpur.
  • Durga Devi Mandir, Aurai, Fatehpur,


James Miller :He was a Scottish recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.

Syed Riyaz Ahmad Naqshbandi : He was very famous saint.

Thakur Dariyao Singh:Freedom fighter.

VP Singh:17th prime minister of India MR.V.P. SINGH was elected to Parliament from fatehpur.


  • Airways-Kanpur Chakeri is the nearest airport. It also serves Fatehpur as it comes in Kanpur Megapolitan Region.

Lucknow (Amausi) is the international air port. Less than three hours drive from Fatehpur


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