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There have been a number of organizations known as the Fatherland Front:

  • Vietnamese Fatherland Front (Vietnamese: Mặt Trận Tổ Quốc Việt Nam), an umbrella group of pro-government "mass movements" in Vietnam, with close links to the Communist Party of Vietnam and the Vietnamese government
  • Fatherland's Front (German: Vaterländische Front), an Austrofascist political party founded in 1933 by Chancellor Dollfuss and dissolved with the Nazi German annexation of Austria (Anschluss) five years later
  • Fatherland Front (Bulgaria) (Bulgarian: Отечествен фронт, Otechestven front), a Bulgarian political resistance movement during World War II that became dominated by the Bulgarian Communist Party and took over the Nazi government in a 1944 coup d'état
  • Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland (Korean: 조국통일민주주의전선, Choguk t'ongil minju chuŭi chŏnsŏn), a North Korean united front led by the Workers' Party of Korea