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Testudo hermanni in Kosovo

The fauna of Kosovo is influenced by the geographical position and conditions of Kosovo,[a] which suit many rare animals. In the fields and hilly areas there are boar, deer, rabbits, ravens, magpies, starlings, field sparrows, woodpeckers and turtle doves.

In the mountainous regions there are field partridges, quails, pheasants, squirrels, storks, and many numerous species of eagles, vultures, hawks etc. The rare animals include the European brown bear, wolves, roe deer, lynx, wild and forest hen grouse. The bear is mainly found in the Shar Mountains and in the Bjeshket e Nemuna or Albanian Alps. The high mountains in Kosovo make it ideal for many animals to live in.

In the rivers and lakes there are salmon, trout, scuba, eel, gudgeon, catfish, carp, torpedo and small herring.

The southern part of Kosovo - especially Dragashi municipality has its own dog breed called the Qeni i Sharrit which is kept by the majority of people living in Republic of Kosovo, Western part of the Republic of Macedonia and Albania.

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