Faux ceiling tiles

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Faux ceiling tiles are ceiling tiles which serve as replacements for tin or aluminum ceiling tiles. They are usually manufactured from PVC plastic, polystyrene, or fiberglass. Unlike dropped ceilings, they are usually glued or nailed to the ceiling. This does not reduce the height of the ceiling, unlike when using the suspended grid.

Polystyrene faux tiles are usually approximately 20" x 20" in size. A finish is put on the tile resembling tin, copper, or aluminum. Installation can be performed on most type of ceilings. The material can be glued directly to stucco, metal, wood, ceramic tile, acoustic tile, concrete, or textured ceiling. They can also be installed in drop ceilings. They were introduced into the United States in the late 1990s, sometimes to replace popcorn ceiling textures.

Unfinished white foam ceiling tiles can be installed as-is and do not need to be painted, but can be painted with water-based or latex paints either before or after installation.