Fawn Rogers

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Fawn Rogers
Fawn Rogers, “Visible Light” V1211585A&B, 2014.jpg
Fawn Rogers at "Visible Light" Installation, 2014
Born Portland, Oregon
Nationality American
Known for Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Video installation
Notable work "I Love You and That Makes Me God"; "Visible Light"; "I Like the Dark, It's Friendly"

Fawn Rogers (born in Portland, Oregon), is an American visual artist. She works with a wide variety of media, including painting, photography, video, and material installation.[1]

Early life[edit]

Rogers was born in Portland, Oregon. She left home at age 15, and traveled throughout Europe studying art.[2]


Rogers work has been commissioned and displayed in public and private collections all over the world including, the United States, Japan, India, and Europe.[3]

Her first solo exhibition, “Jewels, Gods, and Dust," was a three-story site-specific installation displayed in Pune, India in 1993. Other works also include, “Kokoro” in Tokyo in 1995, and “Earth to Hand” in Marche, Italy in 1999.[4]

In 2002 Rogers was co-curator of a group exhibition titled, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly." Seven of her paintings were featured and the exhibition was held at Miauhaus Studio 12 in Los Angeles. Following that show, in 2003 she had a solo exhibition titled “At Last I’m St. Nicholas”, a five-room installation in Los Angeles. In 2007, "I Like the Dark, It's Friendly" also exhibited in Los Angeles.

Rogers' works have also been exhibited at HATCh Showroom, where her solo exhibition from the "Visible Light" series and "I Love You And That Makes Me God," 10 original works on canvas, were on view in 2014, in addition to “I Love You And That Makes Me God”, as a public installation, on the American Eagle building in Time Square, New York. [5] [6]

"I Like the Dark, It’s Friendly"[edit]

Fawn Rogers," Silent Scream", 1997, oil painting on canvas, 48x48”. Courtesy of Lonnie Blanchard Collection

In 2007, this exhibition featured original paintings on the subject of isolation, anguish, and identity. Works included “Packed with Fear” and “Silent Scream.” In these works Rogers incorporated the East Indian concept of encircling an object in red, in order to set it apart as the center of the universe. The exhibition was presented in a dark space with spotlights, in order to invite contemplation rather than a collective social experience.[7]

"Visible Light Series"[edit]

"Visible Light" is a series of images created from tiny portions of natural light projected through purified water. Each image represents a few millimeters of light, significantly enlarged[8]

"I Love You And That Makes Me God"[edit]

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot “I Love You And That Makes Me God,” 2014

"I Love You And That Makes Me God" is a video installation exploring the themes of identity, power and human connection. Participants are filmed stating the expression, “I Love You And That Makes Me God.” During filming, Rogers engaged in an organic dialogue with the subjects, clips of which appear in a separate interactive portion during exhibition. The idea of the installation is to explore public and private dialogue while encountering the concept of belief, and the unconscious frequency with which it surfaces.[9]

Selected exhibitions and works[edit]

  • “Jewels, Gods, and Dust”, Puna, India, Dec 1993-Feb 1994
  • “Kokoro”, Tokyo, Japan, 1995
  • “Everything I Need”, Tokyo, Japan, 1997
  • “Earth to Hand”, Marche, Italy, 1999
  • “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”, Miauhaus Gallery, Los Angeles, 2002
  • “I Like the Dark, It’s Friendly”, Pico Studios/Gallery, Los Angeles, 2007
  • “Visible Light”, Alan Friedman Jewelry, Beverly Hills, Sept 2013-Apr 2014
  • Untitled site-specific installation of 32 original works, Dawit Yohannes/World Bank, Juba, South Sudan, 2013-2014
  • “Visible Light” and “I Love You And That Makes Me God”, solo exhibition, HATCh Showroom, Los Angeles, Mar-June 2014
  • Public installation of site-specific original work, Jean-Louis Bartoli, Los Angeles, May 2014
  • “I Love You And That Makes Me God”, Public installation, American Eagle Building, Time Square, New York, July 2014
  • "Assassination And The Exchange Rate", 4 original works, Embraer Executive Jets, private showroom, Florida, February 2015
  • "Assassination And The Exchange Rate", 2 original works, Miami Airport American Airlines Admirals Club, Miami, February 2015

Other ventures[edit]

Rogers was one of the founding partners of The Little Door restaurant in Los Angeles.[10]

Featured Publications[edit]

  • “Where Can I Find It?” InStyle, May 2001, p. 282
  • Editorial, Elle, Jul. 2006, No. 251, p. 151
  • "Foreign Exchange", Fashion Rocks (supplement to Wired Magazine), Sep. 2006
  • “In Heaven”, The Grawn, Sep. 2014, Vol. 4, No. 9, pp. 7–8


  • Founder/Director, Ka Di Educational Support Campaign,[11] Bamako, Mali, Jan.- Mar. 2007
  • Volunteer, Five Acres – The Boys’ and Girls’ Aid Society of Los Angeles County, Altadena, 2007-2009
  • Fundraiser/Volunteer, “Weekend of Miracles” KidSave International Campaign, 2011-2012
  • Artist, "Visible Light Project" Installation, Alexandria Care Center, Los Angeles, Dec. 2014


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