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Feøy harbor

Feøy is a small island in the county of Rogaland, Norway.

Feøy, Norway is off the west coast, closest to Haugesund and part of Karmøy kommune. It has 33 permanent residents, as well as seasonal residents and visitors who rent vacation homes. The permanent residents who are not retired support themselves either through sheep farming, fishing or commuting to the mainland. There is regular ferry service between the Feøy, Røvær and Haugesund and most residents also own at least one private boat.

Also on Feøy is Feøy Brygge, a wharf that has been converted to a small meeting house and restaurant that caters meetings and parties.

During World War II, the Germans occupied the small island with troops because the area was an organizing site for resistance workers moving between Norway and Britain.

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Coordinates: 59°22′55″N 05°09′22″E / 59.38194°N 5.15611°E / 59.38194; 5.15611