Fe, Esperanza, Caridad

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Fe, Esperanza, Caridad
Movie Poster
Directed by Cirio H. Santiago...(segment "Fe")
Lamberto V. Avellana...(segment "Esperanza")
Gerardo de Leon...(segment "Caridad")
Produced by Digna Santiago
Danilo Santiago
Starring Nora Aunor
Dindo Fernando
Jay Ilagan
Ronaldo Valdez
Music by Tito Arevalo(segment "Caridad")
Tito Sotto(segment "Esperanza")
Cinematography Ricardo M. David(segment "Caridad")
Justo Paulino(segment "Esperanza")
Edited by Edgardo Vinarao
Distributed by Premiere Productions
Release date(s) 10 May 1974
Country Philippines
Language Filipino

Fe, Esperanza, Caridad is a 1974 Filipino film, produced by Premiere Productions. It is a trilogy featuring Nora Aunor giving life to the stories of 3 women: Fe—an emerging movie Superstar who has an invalid husband—, Esperanza—a young wife living in a middle-class neighborhood in the city—and Caridad—a young novice who was seduced by the devil himself.

The film was directed by three acclaimed directors namely Cirio H. Santiago and two National Artists for film; Gerardo de Leon and Lamberto V. Avellana.


First Segment

The first segment revolves around the love story of Fe, the singer discovered by a talent manager Tony Artiaga (Dindo Fernando). Fe soon becomes the big star, and then painfully witnesses her manager who is now her husband sink into despondency and booze and was addicted to alcohol and gambling that gradually destroys the fame, that Fe is now experiencing. Even before the husband dies, yes, you know it already. It’s A Star is Born borrowed up to the last line of Judy Garland: “Hello, everybody, This is Mrs. Norman Maine” to Aunor’s “Ako si Mrs. Artiaga.”This first episode was directed by Cirio H. Santiago

Second Segment

telling the story of this cigarette vendor being wooed by a rich man Vic (Bert Leroy, Jr.) even as her shy suitor,Domeng (Jay Ilagan) a jeepney driver, remains loyal, we see a tale of hope told without the ponderous air usually associated with that discourse. There is the subplot of a duplicitous “rich” boy passing on to Esperanza his drug dealing, without our heroine’s knowledge and this becomes, like any subplots,distracting. When the story, however, is on Doming, the driver, and Esperanza with her dreams and ambitions. Furthermore, with grandma Maring's advice (Rosa Aguirre) and with the help of brother Boyet (Romy Lapuz), Domeng and Esperanza got married. The second episode gives us a reason to appreciate Lamberto V. Avellana’s insight as a filmmaker.

Third Segment

Gerardo de Leon vividly describe the story of Caridad (Nora Aunor), a nun who loves Rodrigo (Ronaldo Valdez), the gardener in the convent. Caridad is experiencing a complex feeling of a woman fighting for the love she for Rodrigo and her bow as a nun. When Caridad discovered the fact that Rodrigo and Satan are the same entity, Rodrigo made her life like hell. Although repugnant, Caridad continued with dealing with Rodrigo in the hope that she could convinced him to return to the Lord. In return for that plea, Caridad will do anything, even jump off the cliff.



  • Nora Aunor ... Fe / Esperanza / Caridad
  • Dindo Fernando ... Tony Artiaga (segment "Fe")
  • Ruben Rustia ... Don Benito (segment "Fe")
  • Jay Ilagan ... Doming (segment "Esperanza")
  • Divina Valencia ... Aling Vina (segment "Esperanza")
  • Bert LeRoy Jr. ... Vic (segment "Esperanza")
  • Rosa Aguirre ... Aling Rosa (segment "Esperanza")
  • Romy Lapus ... Boyet (segment "Esperanza")
  • Rino Bermudez ... Mang Inggo (segment "Esperanza")
  • Ronaldo Valdez ... Rodrigo/Satan (segment "Caridad")
  • Patria Plata ... Mother Superior (segment "Caridad")
  • Subas Herrero ... Demon (segment "Caridad")
  • Laurice Guillen ... Marta (segment "Caridad")


This can best explain why in the trilogy, the exposures of her leading men are substantial. The three stories are not focused on her. This is good for we see Aunor interacting with other actors,instead of being a nucleus of intensity around which pivot other characters. Aunor would be a physical and metaphorical force later that there was no way but for other actors to play off her energy field. For the students of cinema—and for the fans—this must be one of the last major films of Aunor where directors were not yet in awe of her presence.[2]


Year Group Category Nominee Result
1975 23rd FAMAS Awards Best Actress Nora Aunor Nominated
Best Actor Ronaldo Valdez Nominated
Best Supporting Actor Ruben Rustia Nominated


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