Fear Itself (Fear Itself album)

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Fear Itself
Studio album by Fear Itself
Released 1969
Genre Psychedelic blues-rock
Label Dot Records,
World IN Sound (re-release)
Producer Tom Wilson

Fear Itself is the 1969 self-titled debut album by psychedelic blues-rock band Fear Itself. It was the only album to be released by the band before their breakup after the death of bassist Paul Album. The album is notable as featuring Ellen McIlwaine, who commenced a solo career after the demise of the group.

The album was originally released on vinyl by Dot Records. It was re-released on CD in 2006 by World IN Sound under license from Geffen Records.

Track listing[edit]

Side One

  1. Crawling Kingsnake (J.L.Hooker, B.Bassman)
  2. Underground River (Ellen McIlwaine)
  3. Bow'd Up (Ellen McIlwaine)
  4. For Suki (Ellen McIlwaine)
  5. In My Time Of Dying (Traditional arr. by Ellen McIlwaine)

Side Two

  1. The Letter (W.C. Thompson)
  2. Lazarus (Traditional arr. by Ellen McIlwaine)
  3. Mossy Dream (Ellen McIlwaine)
  4. Billy Gene (Ellen McIlwaine)
  5. Born Under A Bad Sign (Ellen McIlwaine)

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