Febronia of Nisibis

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Saint Febronia
Martirio s. febronia, coste, palagonia.jpg
Martyrdom of St. Febronia, from Byzantine Monastery of St. Febronia, Palagonia.
Virgin Martyr
Born 284
Died 305
Venerated in

Roman Catholic Church Eastern Orthodox Church

Oriental Orthodoxy
Canonized Pre-Congregation

25 June Roman Catholic

25 June Greek Orthodox 12 February Eastern Orthodox

1 Epip Coptic Orthodox
Attributes Palm of martyrdom and the shears used to cut off her breasts
Patronage Palagonia, Sicily

Febronia of Nisibis, also known as Febronia of Sebapte, was a nun at Nisibis, Mesopotamia. She suffered persecution under Diocletian, who offered her freedom if she renounced her faith and married his nephew, Lysimachus, who had been leaning towards conversion to Christianity. Febronia refused and was tortured, suffered mutilation and death. Lysimachus, witnessing her suffering, converted.[1]

Febronia is one of the 140 Colonnade saints which adorn St. Peter's Square. She is known as a Holy Virgin Martyr.

In the Coptic Orthodox Church, her feast day is 1 Epip which corresponds to 8 July (Gregorian Calendar) or 25 June (Julian Calendar).

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