February 2001

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  • February – Iraq disarmament crisis: British and U.S. forces carry out bombing raids attempting to disable Iraq's air defense network.

February 5, 2001[edit]

February 6, 2001[edit]

February 9, 2001[edit]

  • American submarine USS Greeneville accidentally strikes and sinks Japanese fishing vessel Ehime-Maru.

February 12, 2001[edit]

February 13, 2001[edit]

February 15, 2001[edit]

February 17, 2001[edit]

  • Baghdad suburb bombed by US and UK war planes, three people killed

February 18, 2001[edit]

  • During the Daytona 500 race, NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt, known as "The Intimidator" for his aggressive driving style, is killed in a crash, and an 18 car wreck happened on lap 173 when Tony Stewart flipped in mid-air causing a major wreck. The race had come to a stop to take a 17 lap break because of the debris scattered on the track. The red flag was out to clean up the mess on the backstretch.
  • Major League Baseball Hall of famer, Eddie Mathews, dies in La Jolla, California due to complications of pneumonia. Mathews is the only player in Braves history to have played for the Boston, Milwaukee and Atlanta teams. He is tied with Ernie Banks with 512 career home runs.

February 19, 2001[edit]

February 20, 2001[edit]

February 26, 2001[edit]

February 28, 2001[edit]

  • An earthquake measuring 6.8 on the Richter Scale hits the Northwest area of the United States. There were no reports of any deaths.