Federação de Futebol de Timor-Leste

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Federação de Futebol de Timor-Leste
Association crest
Founded 2002
FIFA affiliation 2005
AFC affiliation 2002
AFF affiliation 2004
President Francisco Kalbuady Lay

The Federação Futebol de Timor-Leste (English: East Timor Football Federation) is the governing body of football in East Timor. FFTL has three levels of national football league, which are Pro Liga de Timor Leste, Super Liga, and Taça Digicel.

FFTL Bodies[edit]

Executive Committee[edit]

Position Name
President Francisco Kalbuadi Lay[1]
Vice President Aleixo Da Silva Gama
Vice President Osorio Florindo
Vice President Francisco Jeronimo
General Secretary Amandio Sarmento
Treasurer Jesuina Henrique
Media Officer Isaaz Nelio
Futsal Coordinator Joao Carlos Soares
Referee Coordinator Zelajio Da Silva

Office & Infrastructure[edit]

Office is located at Campo Democracia Ave. Bairo Formosa P.O. Box 406 Dili,[2] Xanana Sport Center[3] and National Teams Field.[4]

Big Count[edit]

All players Registered players Unregistered Players Clubs Officials
15,500 500 15,000 10 100

Principal officials of FFTL[edit]


Football venue[edit]

National teams[edit]

Currently, Timor Leste has the following football national teams:


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