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The term Federal city (Bundesstadt in German) is a title for certain cities in Germany, Switzerland, the Russian Federation, and the United States.

In Germany, the former capital Bonn has been designated as a federal city. Since April 28, 1994, it is the second official residence of the President of Germany, the Chancellor of Germany, the Bundesrat (upper house), the first official residence of six federal ministries, and approximately 20 federal authorities. For Bonn, Bern etc. this is merely a title, since Bonn is like many other German cities an independent city, but part of a state.

Federal City is also the official title of Bern as it is the seat of the Swiss parliament and government. Russia also has three federal cities, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and (de facto) Sevastopol.

Historically, Washington, D.C. has been called the "Federal City".

Some national capitals, like Washington, D.C., Canberra, Mexico City, Astana and Brasilia, have a federal status, not belonging to any state. Sometimes this is called Federal district.