Federal Customs Service of Russia

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Flag of the Federal Customs Service, 1994

The Federal Customs Service of Russia (Russian: Федеральная таможенная служба Российской Федерации, Federalnaya tamozhennaya sluzhba Rossiskoy Federatsii; abbreviated ФТС России, FTS Rossii) is a Russian government service regulating customs.

Since May 12, 2006, it has been led by Andrey Belyaninov and under directly authority of the Government of Russia. Until 2006 The Federal Customs Service of Russia was under the responsibility of the Ministry for Economic Development.


The Customs Services in Russia were formed in 1865, as The Customs Department of the Ministry of Finance.

In 1917 the Soviet Customs Service was operated as The Main Directorate for Customs Control as part of the MKTP - The People's Commissariat for Trade and Industry.

In 1991, The Soviet Customs was replaced with The State Customs Committee (GTK) under the Ministry for Economic Development and in 2006 the GTK was renamed to current name.

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