Federal List of Extremist Materials

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Federal List of Extremist Materials (Russian: Федеральный список экстремистских материалов) is a list of works that are banned in Russia. It is compiled by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation since July 14, 2007, and contained 1,058 items as of December 25, 2011. Producing, storing or distributing the materials on the list is an offense in Russia.[1]

The list includes certain Internet publications, for example an open letter by Voice of Beslan,[2] some religious texts by Muslim theologians, Jehovah's Witnesses publications, racist texts and books such as Mein Kampf and Zaveshchanie russkogo fashista, movies such as The Eternal Jew, songs, slogans ("Russia for Russians!", "Orthodoxy or death!"), video files, brochures and websites[3]


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