Federation of Medical Students-Taiwan

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Federation of Medical Students-Taiwan
Motto Think Globally, Act Locally
Formation 1988/08/11
Type Student organization
Headquarters Taipei city
Location Taiwan (Republic of China)
Membership appx. 10,000 medical students (13 universities, 17 departments in Taiwan)
Official languages Traditional Chinese, English
President at present Yen-Hao Chu (Isaac)



Federation of Medical Students in Taiwan (also known as FMSTW), as the representative of all the medical students in Taiwan, consists of 12 medical colleges, including 16 departments of medicine, post-baccalaureate medicine, Chinese medicine, post-baccalaureate Chinese medicine. and one observer member. FMSTW also works as a formal member in both International Federation of Medical Students' Associations (IFMSA) [1] and Asian Medical Students' Association (AMSA),[2] representing medical students from Taiwan in all forms of international organizations and campaigns.


  1. Promote interactions among medical students all over the country.
  2. Protect and fight for the rights belong to medical students in Taiwan.
  3. Integrate medical students in Taiwan to make good contributions to society.
  4. Participate in international affairs as a deputation of medical students in Taiwan.

Organizational structure[edit]


Vice President for Internal Affairs (VPI)[edit]


SCOME concerns all issues related to Medical Education. For a better future in this field, we have been promoting self-directed evaluation and curriculum surveys on medical students. Forums are also held to raise public attention. Furthermore, members of SCOME actively attend various conferences with Deans from each medicine college in order to take a stand and get involved. SCOME plays a role to inform and empower medical students, enabling them to lobby for increased student participation in the planning and reformation of our education which prepares us to be competent professionals.


SCOPH helps medical students to better understand issues concerning Public Health. Our vision is to introduce the idea that the modern concepts of medicine and healthcare are not merely about treatments of diseases, but also a reflection of the acts in public health. Through the wide variety of activities, including Teddy Bear Hospital (TBH), community based projects for diabetes patients and the oral history workshop in order to call attention to public health. We are approaching our vision of a healthy society, and hoping to develop our own potential of being a keen and skillful health professional.


SCORP has been devoted to issues about human rights, Refugees and Peace. Various activities are held on either local or international level to show concerns from the point of view as medical students. The mission of SCORP is to help understand and develop education to young health professionals and the public about the fact that conflict, violence and injury can have a massive health impact across the world. SCORP cares for the health and rights of the disadvantaged minority, spurring medical students to rethink and orient ourselves in the modern society.


SCORA strives to enhance and extend knowledge of Reproductive Health including AIDS. The main focus of our committee is on the activities emphasizing not only already existing topics such as family planning and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, but also creating new educational programs for medical students, as well as for general population. Recently, among hundreds of highly energetic projects, the promotions of gender equality and its role in healthcare are also raised. Annual activities of SCORA include Pride Parade, Peer Education for sexual and reproductive health, and World AIDS Day campaigns.

SCORE and SCOPE[edit]

SCORE and SCOPE offer plenty opportunities for over 10,000 medical students each year to participate in Research/Professional Exchange programs. SCORE seeks to give students the chances to gain exposure to medical training while doing either basic or clinical research under the guidance of a university faculty member in a foreign country. SCOPE enables students to experience the practice of medicine in a different country. Students get to learn how to treat and interact with patients under diverse cultural framework, and to explore the characteristic of doctor-patient relationships on an international level. Each exchange program lasts four weeks. Participants are medical students who have taken specific basic medical courses. The students can gain valuable insights into other health systems and cultures, enabling them to view the more familiar environment in their own hospitals and communities with fresh perspectives. They will also learn that their idealistic goals can be achieved with readily attainable knowledge and commitment.

Vice President for External Affairs (VPE)[edit]

Public Relations Support Division[edit]

Department of Public Relations (PR), as an external division, aids numerous activities in FMSTW. We[who?] are working to gain exposure to our audiences by using topics of public interests or news items. We help raise funds and offer service as seminar or conference workers when meeting important guests. As a supporting department, we build up and refresh the image of FMSTW. Whenever and wherever there is need, we are ready to help.[citation needed]

Publications Support Division[edit]

Department of Publications works as an external division which designs and organizes posters, promotion via web-based media and numerous products aiming at promotion. We[who?] are also responsible for the commentary of events held by FMSTW, the design of souvenirs, annual publications and e-papers. Recently, we especially focus on the establishment of corporate identity (CI) and the implement of dissemination.

Alumni Relations Support Division[edit]

Department of Alumni, as an external division, holds various events ranging from in-depth interviews, database establishment to reunion homecoming celebration. Due to the 25th anniversary, we[who?] organize a new project, ”The Striving FMSTW-Oral History Interview”, with anticipation to encourage the new generation and to attract more interested peers to the federation.

Secretary General[edit]

Department of Training[edit]

Department of Training provides a wide variety of training programs, including public speech, communication skills, leadership and team building. Our emphasis on training supports capacity building within our member organizations, bringing benefits both for the student leaders and other young people led by them. Through regularly held events such as seedcamps and TNT, we hope to make resources and experiences available to every medical student in Taiwan.

Department of Information[edit]

Department of Information is responsible for managing all the web-based media and forums of FMSTW. We aim to provide technology support and do our best to make the information access up-to-date and comprehensive.


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