Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria

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Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria
British colony


Ensign Badge
God Save the King/God Save the Queen
Nigeria (red)
British possessions in Africa (pink)
Capital Lagos
Languages English
Government British Crown colony
High Commissioner/Governor
 -  1914-1919 Sir Frederick John Dealtry Lugard
 -  1948-1954 Sir John Stuart Macpherson
 -  Established 1 January 1914
 -  Disestablished 1 October 1960
Currency British West African pound (1914- 1958)
Nigerian Pound (from 1958)

The Colony and Protectorate of Nigeria was created as a merger of Northern Nigeria Protectorate and Southern Nigeria Protectorate on 1 January 1914, due to growing tension with the German colonies.

As one of the wealthiest British colonies, it was a good candidate for being the first colony to be granted independence. Nigeria was first given increased autonomy as the Federation of Nigeria on 1 October 1954 and made fully independent in 1960.

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