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Federico Döring Casar (born 13 September 1971, in México City), is a Mexican conservative politician from Mexico City affiliated to the National Action Party (PAN) who currently serves in the upper house of the Mexican Congress.


Döring received a bachelor's degree in administration from the ITAM.

Political career[edit]

Döring served in the Legislative Assembly of the Federal District and then he served in the Chamber of Deputies during the LIX Legislature, representing the Federal District's 15th District. In the general election of 2 July 2006 he was elected to the Senate for the PAN, representing the Federal District.


In 2004 he delivered to Víctor Trujillo, a Mexican television presenter, a video that was played on Trujillo's news program in which René Bejarano, previously Andrés Manuel López Obrador's personal secretary, was videotaped accepting USD $45,000 in cash. (See main article videoscandals)

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