Federico Delpino

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Federico Delpino
Federico Delpino.JPG
Federico Delpino c. late 1800s
Born 27 December 1833 (1833-12-27)
Chiavari, Liguria
Died 1905 (1906)
Nationality Italian
Fields Botany

Frederico Delpino (Giacomo Giuseppe Federico Delpino 27 December 1833 - 1905) was an Italian botanist who made very important observations on the pollination of flowers by insects. It was he who first recognized the important concept of the pollination syndrome.


Originally a student of mathematics at Genoa, in 1851 he undertook a botanical journey to Constantinople (now Istanbul) and Odessa. In 1871 he was appointed to the Forestry School at Vallombrosa, and in 1875 to the Professorship of Botany at Genoa and later to a Professorship at Naples.

He was one of the founders of modern floral biology along with Hermann Müller and corresponded with Charles Darwin from 1867 onwards. He pioneered the concept of pollination syndrome.[1] In 1869 he criticised Darwin's theory of pangenesis,[2] to which Darwin responded.[3]

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Scientific Works[edit]

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