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Federico Fabregat is a Mexican artist and poet born in Guadalajara, Jalisco.


Fabregat is co-author of the book of poems entitled "SEIS", published by Editorial Agata (2001), which he wrote with five other poets, among them Asdrúbal Eriko Sainz and Daniel Gómez Moreno. He was also a reporter in two of the most important newspapers in the city of Guadalajara (El Informador[1] and Ocho Columnas), working on the art and performances sections and co-publishing the social section. In addition, he was the creative director of the communication enterprise Agencia M along with Insight Marketing.[2] As of May 2006, he is the creative director of Brandcorp,[3] often writes for media organizations such as Blink,[4] and works regularly on the Tedium Vitae magazine editorial council.[5]

In addition, he has various artistic musical projects of vanguard, where he has shared the scene with figures such as The Orb and System 7, Nopal Beat Collective among others.

Fabregat maintains other conceptual art projects of the hand of other artists, among them Tomás López Rocha (a plastic artist also living in Guadalajara, Jalisco).

He also collaborates in the second most important music & art festival in Mexico: Festival Cultural de Mayo (in Guadalajara, Jalisco). In this event, he worked in two projects for the 2007 edition: 1) an alternative festival of electronic and indie music inside Festival Cultural de Mayo, and 2) in the integral programme of innovate strategies to promote this festival. Besides, in this festival edition, he offered a conversation around the contemporary electronic music movement in Guadalajara, in the MAZ (Museo de Arte de Zapopan).

Fabregat is also the author of the book called Oda al Simulacro (Ediciones Arlequin 2008).


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