Fedlim Ó Conchobair

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Felim mac Aedh Ua Conchobair (properly Felimid) (1293–1316) was King of Connacht in Ireland from 1310 to 1316.

His father, Aedh Ó Conchobair, was killed in battle at Coill an Clochain by Aed Breifnech Ua Conchobair. His place was taken by Ruaidri mac Cathal Ua Conchobair who nevertheless ruled for less than a year; the annals laconically note in 1310 that Felim, the son of Hugh, son of Owen O'Conor, assumed the place of his father.

Felim was killed at the Second Battle of Athenry at the head of a massive Irish army thought to comprise at least two and a half thousand men, mainly from Connacht, with allies from the midlands and Ulster. A son, Aedh mac Felim Ua Conchobair, would later become King of Connacht, as would his grandson, Tairdelbach mac Aedh Ua Conchobair.


Preceded by
Ruaidri mac Cathal Ua Conchobair
King of Connacht
Succeeded by
Rory na-bhFeadh mac Donough Ua Conchobair